How to Spice Up Your Candy Wrapper
Purse with a Custom Flap Top

If you're looking for an simple way to add a custom touch to your Candy Wrapper Purse (and give it a completely unique, high-end look) then what I have to offer you today just might do the trick.

I've painstakingly put together a tutorial that shows exactly how to make a flap top for your purse so you can skip the headache of sewing on a zipper & give it a one-of-a-kind look ... and for a limited time, I'm making it available to you for only $4.95.

Here's a comparison picture that shows what I'm talking about:

Regular Purse Compared to Flap Topped Purse

I believe you'll find this to be worth much more than the tiny $4.95 you'll have to invest to get your hands on it.  Why?

Well, here's what you'll discover when you grab your tutorial on how to create your own custom flap top for your Candy Wrapper Purse:

  • How to skip the one dreaded step of making a candy wrapper purse that many people get stuck on (sewing on a zipper) ... and instead add a simple flap top.

  • The Clean Edge Technique - How to strengthen & finish the edges of your flap so it looks professionally crafted. 

  • 2 Simple closure ideas you can use to make sure your flap stays put and your belongings stay inside.

  • The Power of 4 - Why the number 4 will either make or break your flap making efforts (this is important!)

  • Every detail is revealed from how many links to make your flap, how to weave them, how to attach your flap to your purse, and how to add the final finishing touches.

Here's What You'll Get

You'll get a 33 page, downloadable tutorial guide loaded with 82 step-by-step pictures and written instructions that guides you through the whole process of creating a flap and attaching it to your purse.

Don't let the number of pictures scare you ... I made it that way so it literally shows you every single detail so you know know exactly what to do each step of the way.

(Here's what your tutorial guide will look like)

You Get It All for Just $4.95

My Personal Guarantee

Grab this tutorial immediately, open it up and look through it. If you don't feel you've gotten more than your money's worth, then I ask you contact me and I will promptly and quietly return every penny of your purchase... no questions asked.

Better yet - take a full 30 days to use this guide and benefit from it. If within those 30 days for any reason - or no reason at all - you are unsatisfied then let me know and I will return 100% of your investment that day. You risk nothing and you stand to gain everything. So act now and grab it today!

So What Will it Be?

You can either stick to making standard candy wrapper purses like everyone else & keep messing around with all the zipper hassles...

OR… you can go above & beyond everyone else by creating a flap top for your purse using all the techniques waiting for you inside this step by step tutorial.

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It looks like this:
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Have fun customizing your purse!
 - Kevin
The DIY Dork

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