How to Make an Expensive, Designer Quality
Recycled Candy Wrapper Purse for
Less than $7 

For the last couple of years, these cool, recycled candy wrapper purses have been getting really popular on the internet. There's a few high end, designer purse makers & boutiques that sell them like crazy ... but they have "designer prices" attached to them too. Ouch.

Sure, that's fine if you have gobs of money to spend on one single purse ... but who's got that kind of money these days? What if you just want to make your own? (...or even make a few of them?)

Well, that's why I decided to make a full, step-by-step video tutorial that shows you every single detail so you don't have to pull your hair out trying to figure everything out yourself.  Just follow along with the video as everything is shown to you from start to finish.

Not only that, but you'll get some easy to follow design patterns and templates, so you can make a cool, customized, candy wrapper purse that looks exactly like you want it to.

Candy Wrapper Purse Videos and Patterns
(Sample of the Videos, Patterns, & Templates)

Here's a Quick List of What You'll Get to See Inside:

  • 9 Full Step by Step videos that take you by the hand from start up to finishing your purse in just 59 minutes (no more getting stuck at the common roadblocks that stop most people from finishing their purse...everything is shown).

  • How to get gobs and gobs of cool, FREE materials to make your purse. 

  • The "X-Ray Vision Trick" video & templates which show you how to make each square of your purse look EXACTLY like you want them to just like the high end purses.

  • How to get past the 3 biggest problem areas people always get stuck on  (sewing the bottom closed, attaching the handle, and adding the zipper).

  • Where to get an amazing material that not only is super shiny and is available in tons of colors ... but it already comes in the perfect size for your purse!

  • How to transform your favorite memories & experiences into the most amazing purse that will always remind you of the good times and fun you've had.

  • 12 super easy to follow Design Patterns that'll show you how to weave all kinds of stripes, chevron, shapes, etc into your purse just like the high end purses (I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else, ever ...but now you can do it too!)

  • How to nail down the basics, like: finding good materials, what size everything needs to be cut into, how to weave & sew everything together, how to secure the bottom closed tight, how to make and attach a handle, & how to add a zipper on top.

  • + 4 Quick Start Videos so you can get started on the right track quickly...
    ... And so much more!

You Get Everything for Just $6.95

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Candy Wrapper Purse Video Instructions

So go ahead, get started... and I hope you have a blast making your awesome candy wrapper purse!
 - Kevin
The DIY Dork

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Here's What a Few Successful Candy Wrapper Purse Makers Had to Say:

    "Hi Kevin,

Attached are some of the many purses I've made using the comics section, wrapping paper and Dog Fancy Magazine.

I've made them using old maps from AAA as well, but don't have a picture to share at this time.

                                        - Janet G.

"Hi Kevin,

So here are my first bags. They're made out
of paper gift bags as you recommended.

It looks great, and the thick material was easy to work with (a little tougher sewing the bottom), and I am so thankful for your videos.

My zipper didn't quite turn out right for my purse but it doesn't really show from the outside that much so I dont care. So once again THANK YOU!"
                      - Katka D.

"Hello Kevin!

I got everything, thank you! I watched your bonus videos yesterday. You gave me good ideas, how to get some cool materials. And  I really like your design patterns!

I made a purse to my sister from a roll of wrapping paper, you can see it on the attached photo. It looks like if it would be made of some kind of leather because I didn't waterproof it.

Thanks again for the videos!"      - Zsuzsanna


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